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The lunch break is one of the key moments of the day for employees, not only the teams have their meals there, but they also have a great time there. The design of the restaurant space is an integral part of the company's culture : should it be user-friendly, practical, large, relaxing, hyper functional? These are all questions that allow you to plan the layout of your client's office spaces, including the little kitchen, the kitchen or the restaurant.

No need for employees to eat their midday meal on a desk! Well Making produces a range that adapts to all spaces: from open kitchenettes to large restaurants or corporate self-service. Each model is unique and meets the specific expectations expressed by your client. For you, we custom manufacture a functional kitchenette with a refined design.

From the construction to th finish

The main quality of the Well Making little's kitchen is their adaptability. No matter how much space is available for the dining area, we offer innovative solutions with a modern, high-end look; enough to seduce your customers. We build them in our workshops and we come directly install them in the office space that you are responsible for fitting out.

the guarantee of ergonomics and well-being at work

Depending on the desired functionality, we set up conference rooms where it is possible to eat while listening to the speaker or full restaurants (tables, benches, bar, self-service, etc.). We combine acoustics, aesthetics, large spaces and islands or alcoves isolated by partitions for a cozy atmosphere. Sometimes, we equip the place with baffles covered with dried grass or sound absorbing panels to make it more zen and relaxing.


Our kitchens, company restaurants or cafeterias are fully equipped thanks to our network of trusted suppliers. They offer you a wide choice of appliances designed especially for small or large spaces. The employees find everything they need for a pleasant lunch break: a microwave, a refrigerator or even a dishwasher. With such comfort, having a meal as a team is almost like at home!

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