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Some professional environments, such as banks, hospitals or laboratories, for example, require special arrangements to protect employees and visitors against break-ins, noise, radiation or shocks. Well Making, the professional partition manufacturer for 30 years, advises you, custom builds and installs the partition adapted to your contingencies.

Honeycomb partitions : A quick solution at a good price-performance ratio

Well Making honeycomb partitions are made up of cardboard plasterboard facings which are assembled in our workshops by a cardboard honeycomb core. These fixed partitions allow you to quickly separate a workspace. This is the ideal solution, for example for renovation situations.

Frame partition : a solution for every need

different professional environments require a particular organization and structure in order to guarantee high discretion, even great security.


Well Making offers various models of fixed partitions depending on your priority

     - Perfect sound insulation

     - A burglar-proof partition

     - An X-ray resistant partition

     - High impact resistance

Discretion : our priority as much as yours

For high sound insulation, Well Making recommends a partition consisting of double peripheral frames and independent double vertical frame lines associated with plasterboard.

Burglar-proof partition walls: ideal for a bank, a police station or any place where security is paramount

Well Making anti-burglary partitions are made up of a peripheral frame of angles and rails. Their peculiarity: direct attachment to steel containers which greatly enhances safety.

Well Making anti-shock plates : resistance to all types of situation

Well Making's impact-resistant bulkhead offers very high impact resistance. No longer worry about damaging your walls by carrying heavy objects or pushing your office chair too far back. This partition has the same type of framework as the anti-X-ray partition, namely a framework consisting of uprights and rails.

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