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Removable partition

Are you an architect, facility manager or in charge of the development of flexible spaces for professionals? Thanks to its expertise, Well Making intervenes quickly for you : we design, manufacture and install custom removable partitions that make your vision a reality. In offices where concentration, communication and confidentiality are essential, our partitions allow you to optimize space in order to combine well-being and functionality.

Movable partitions : the key to a flexible workspace

What matters most in today's business environment is flexibility - what the removable partitions from Well Making offer you through their modularity.

They allow you to create an ideal working environment thanks to :

- Their incomparable acoustic qualities

- Their sliding system easy to handle

- Their aesthetic quality in harmony with the brand image of the company

- Their fire resitance

Acoustics : the priority of removable partitions from Well Making

In order to respond to all special requests, Well Making manufactures all its custom partitions in its workshops in Luxembourg: solid partitions, single glazed partitions, double glazed partitions, flush partitions. All Well Making removable partitions have :

- A lacquered steel frame

- Melamine facings

- Recessed plinths and friezes

- Uprights in metal profiles

Solid removable partitions : personalize your partitions to your brand image

Well Making removable partitions have a framework made up of lacquered steel rails, forming a plinth and recessed frieze. The uprights in metal profiles are adorned with MDF or chipboard panels. The rigid rock wool mattress used to fill the gap between the different panels perfectly fulfills its function of sound insulation. It leaves a 2 mm hollow joint once the panels are attached. You adjust the partitions according to the building to be fitted out and choose the finishes in harmony with the company's design: melamine, laminate, veneer, vinyl or fabric.

Single-glazed removable partitions : a very chic and light option

The single-glazed version of the Well Making removable partitions is fully glazed and without vertical structure. This minimalist choice is ideal for modern architecture and has the advantage of being a light and aesthetic option. It is simply glazing glued edge to edge. The use of an almost invisible aluminum profile creates a smooth junction between the glazed panels. Glazing can be toughened, laminated or acoustically laminated. For more privacy and discretion, it is possible to stick vinyl films on the partitions.

Double-glazed removable partitions : charm, class and discretion

Double-glazed removable partitions are modular, fully-glazed double-glazed partitions without a vertical structure. Here too, Well Making uses an almost transparent aluminum profile to secure the glass panels together. The profiles are maintained by a frame made of painted steel rails, forming a plinth and a recessed frieze. The biggest advantage of double glazing in office furnishings is sound insulation: depending on the need for discretion, we recommend security double glazing or laminated double glazing. To increase the confidentiality of the new spaces created, it is also possible to stick vinyl films directly to the partition. Thanks to an integrated rail with edge-to-edge double glazing, you can further increase comfort by adding a sliding glass door.

Need to add door to your partitions?

Well Making integrates all types of doors in mobile structures and partitions: solid or glazed doors; with continuous or fixed transom. We adapt to your acoustic requirements to determine the necessary thickness of your doors. These can also be integrated into openings or plaster partitions. If you wish, it is also possible to integrate a vitreous oculus in a solid door.

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